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Business Analytics Services

Business Analytics Services We Offer

Business analytics experts at SRM use next-generation technology to help you connect products, processes, systems, customers, employees, and partners to drive unified experiences and can help you realize big-data-led digital transformation of your business. We work closely with our clients to access their business goals and challenges and offer the most customized, business-appropriate solutions to help them meet their organization’s needs and enjoy a competitive edge, at present as well as in the future.

Business Analytics Services

We provide the following business analytics consulting solutions to our customers -

1. Data Mining and Visual Analytics

Our business analytics experts help business owners monitor their own data and derive useful inputs for unparallel business growth. We help our customers look beyond figures and identify key trends and changes that can influence the success of their business. We also merge data from different sources and forms and tailor it as per our customer's business requirements for improved customer experience and effective brand building.

2. Predictive Analytics

We make use of your historical data to analyse your current processes, customers, and market and help you gain actionable insights to predict more profitable future trends for better business outcomes.

3. Financial Analytics

Our expert business analytics use the latest and most advanced modeling tools to effectively recognize important patterns and parameters in your financial data to make your business processes more efficient and help you stride ahead with confidence.

4. Retail Analytics

Through our customized and targeted retail analytics services, we help businesses identify their more profitable and potential customers for better in-store sales and higher margins.

5. Business Intelligence Dashboard Creation

We will empower your business with powerful business intelligence dashboard. Our dashboard creation strategy is perfected by experts in business intelligence. The highly-advanced dashboard we create can be modeled with filters, multiple views, number compaction, reporting, and several other features to facilitate superior visualization and utilization of the data in meaning ways.

6. Risk Analytics

Using proactive risk management and mitigation strategies, we help our clients understand different customer pin points and provide a holistic view of the future. Our risk analytics techniques help businesses foresee upcoming challenges for effective decision making.

7. BPM Analytics Services

Leverage our rich data expertise, extensive domain knowledge, and sound technology prowess to efficiently manage and enhance your business processes. Our customized business process management (BPM) tools and deep domain expertise help you improve your key business metrics and increase profitability.

8. Supply Chain Analytics

Our services include demand and capacity assembly, suppliers and procurement cost analytics, working capital analytics and management, expenditure analytics, optimizing stocks and inventory, purchase order flow analytics, warehouse and supply chain management analytics, distribution and logistics analytics, and supply chain data analytics, among others.

9. Statistical Analytics

Our experts sift through large volumes of data, collected from different sources, to identify the relationship between each variable, develop new insights and predict new trends. This helps businesses tailor their products and services as per market predictions and customer requirements.

Benefits of Business Analytics Services

Our business analytics consulting solutions help organizations -

  • Increase their revenue and margin
  • Improve customer and employee relations and retention
  • Optimize and synchronize financial and operational strategies
  • Study past and future trends for better decision making
  • Implement big data business intelligence in future projects
  • Improve business sales and service across different markets and demographics

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