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Skills Required:
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts.
  • Building commitment within the team.
  • Concluding thoughts on team leader skills.
  • Create and Lead Your Dream Team.
  • Monitor Project Progress and Set Deadlines.
  • Solve Issues That Arise.
  • Ensure Stakeholder Satisfaction.
  • Evaluate Project Performance.
  • Plan and Develop the Idea.
  • Create and Lead Your Dream Team.
  • Monitor Project Progress and Set Deadlines.
  • Solve Issues That Arise.
  • Ensure Stakeholder Satisfaction.
  • Evaluate Project Performance.
  • Organizing a project team to perform work.

Skills Required:
· Excellent Communication And Interpersonal Skills
· Qualification: MBA - HR
· Experience: Min 3 Years
· Prepare And Post Jobs To Appropriate Job Board.
· Implement Effective Sourcing, Screening And Interviewing Techniques
· Conduct Interviews Using Various Reliable Personnel Selection
· Recruitment, Selection & Induction Start To End Process
· Preparation Of Letters As Per The Requirement
· (Offer/Appointment/Confirmation/Experience Etc.)
· Preparation The Job Description/KRA/KPI/Org Chart
· Keeping Personal Records Of The Employees
· Payroll Processing And Conducting Full & Final Settlement Of Employees And Making Payment
· Attends To Employees’ Grievances And Complaints, Provides Guidance If Necessary.
· Monitoring The Employees Work & Admin Related Work
· Hiring And Training Procedures For New Employees
· Handle Payroll Process And Prepare Reports
· Handle Discrepancy Calls

Roles & Responsibility:
  • Implement performance review procedures.
  • Recruitment & On boarding Process
  • Knowledge about Job posting on various portal
  • Develop fair HR policies and ensure employees understand and comply with them.
  • Implement effective sourcing, screening and interviewing techniques.
  • Assess training needs and coordinate learning and development initiatives for all employees.
  • Manage employees’ grievances.
  • Create and run referral bonus programs.
  • Review current HR technology and recommend more effective software.
  • Solid communication skills.

Roles & Responsibility:

  • Manage all accounting transactions
  • Prepare budget forecasts
  • Publish financial statements in time
  • Handle monthly, quarterly and annual closings
  • Reconcile accounts payable and receivable
  • Ensure timely bank payments
  • Compute taxes and prepare tax returns
  • Manage balance sheets and profit/loss statements
  • Report on the company’s financial health and liquidity
  • Audit financial transactions and documents
  • Reinforce financial data confidentiality and conduct database backups when necessary
  • Comply with financial policies and regulations

Roles & Responsibility:

  • Setting goals and developing plans for business and revenue growth
  • Researching, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives
  • Researching prospective accounts in target markets
  • Pursuing leads and moving them through the sales cycle
  • Developing quotes and proposals for prospective clients
  • Setting goals for the business development team and developing strategies to meet those goals
  • Training business development staff
  • Attending conferences and industry events

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