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Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management Services

Is cash flow management costing your business the time and money? Keep the expensive options for last and choose what brings more productivity and ROI. That said, cash flow management services from Synergy Resource Management (SRM) is what most corporates consider to optimize their revenue. It reduces the accounting errors and dependence on more resources.

If you don’t want your team to spend hours struggling with account reconciliation, payable processing, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, fraud management, and contract review then outsource roles to a cash flow management service provider like SRM. We have worked with companies of all sizes to help them improve the revenue. We take care of your financial errands so you spend more time making decisions.

Cash Flow Management Services

Cash Flow Forecasting Services We Offer

Ineffective financial management can make or break revenue bottom lines and can severely dent growth prospects. A viable proposition alternative is to outsource cash management to a professional service provider. Such partnership frees you from the burden of managing routine cash flow management tasks and puts the focus back on acquiring new customers and solidifying stakeholder relationships. Our cash flow / money management services include the following -

1. Daily Cash Flow Report Maintenance (Sales, Deposits, Expenses)

We help you keep track of your daily cash flow without accounting errors. We perform comprehensive accounting and data compiling to produce custom reports for sales, expenditure, and other transactions. The daily cash flow reports help in tracking financial performance on a weekly basis to adjust short-term goals.

2. Accounts Payables and Receivables

Keeping track of account payables and receivables can be challenging in a large and complex business environment. Therefore, we enhance the agility and accountability of your financial transactions by keeping track of the fund movements. In this way, we will flag any dues that are causing a bottleneck in your revenue streams.

3. Financial Risk Management

Leave the guesswork behind and take control of your financial performance by referencing the risk statements. We will analyse your financial process and the system to assess if there are vulnerabilities that can increase the financial risks. By making accurate assessment we will help you safely manage the finances.

4. Bank Statements Reconciliation

We ensure the accuracy of your company's cash flow by comparing and matching the account balance on your company's balance sheet. We will carry out the process with due diligence to help you plan and implement financial models. Our bank statement reconciliation is the final step to make sure that your company's financial records are immaculate.

5. Cash Flow Forecasting And Planning

Cash flow forecasting is the solution you need to get answers about the financial prospects of your business. We will analyse your financial inflow and outflow to provide an estimation of your business's financial position in a specific timeframe.

6. Fraud Management

If you need a robust fraud management solution, your search ends with us. We thoroughly monitor transactions taking place within your business. Be it channels, users, or accounts we leave no stone unturned. The data will be captured and screened by combined efforts of AI-based fraud management systems and risk management analyst.

7. Managing Electronic Payments

If managing and reviewing payments by traditional methods are becoming cumbersome, we can electronically manage it on your behalf so that you get nothing short of a reliable and accurate payment record. We use scalable system that supports multi currencies and integrates with bank accounts for streamlined functioning for your financial system.

8. Reviewing Financial Contracts

We minimize your financial exposure by reviewing areas of the contract with due diligence. Our team of legal experts will scrutinize the contract especially the sections pertaining to financial and legal liabilities. With our contract review support you can be sure to avoid risks to your assets.

Of the above, we pay more stress upon two areas as that can be of prime importance to for efficient money management

Budgeting Cash Flows – Budgeting allows for predicting inflow and outflow of cash to a higher degree of accuracy. This will help you mitigate any future risks and gives you a tool to manage future financial requirements

Planning Cash Flows – Similar to cash flow budgeting, cash flow planning will give you estimated future cash inflows in detail. Through monthly statements you will be able to efficiently plan for future investments, fundraising, and budgeting.

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