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Data Annotation

Data Annotation services

Are you struggling to precisely annotate your data such as text, images, audio, and video to train your artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models? Are you looking for the highest quality training data to boost your AI and ML? Are you looking for robust data annotation solutions that you can use for sentiment analysis, computer vision, text categorization, entity linking, and syntactic tagging? If so, you can benefit greatly from our high-quality data annotation services.

Synergy Resource Management (SRM) is a leading provider of data annotation services to clients from across the world. No project is too big or too complex for us to handle. We have experience in building the highest quality data products and bring world-class workflows and process control techniques to the table. We have a team of expert data annotation professionals that are subject matter experts in one or more areas and they pay great attention to detail to ensure that all your data is precisely annotated.

Data Annotation services

Our Data Annotation Services

Synergy Resource Management is a leading data annotation service provider and can help you with any of your data annotation needs. Right from complex documents to critical images, our data annotation professionals precisely tag the data you require to train your models.

Our data annotation services include -

1. Image Labelling Services

If you're looking to power your computer vision models with high-quality data, we are here to help. Right from places to faces, locations, and more, we will precisely tag your images so that they can serve as high-quality datasets to train your models.

2. Video Labelling Services

We provide accurate annotated data that powers your AI apps and computer vision technologies. We deliver accurate training and validation data and fuse AI-enabled platforms with subject matter experts to accelerate the labelling of your videos.

3. Text Labelling Services

We help you train your AI and ML models with high-quality data that is annotated from even the most complex documents. We perform entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and text classification, among others, and help you seamlessly convert raw text data into high-quality AI training data.

4. Content Moderation Services

If your business is facing challenges with dealing with inappropriate content, we can identify and classify the content so you can confidently get on with your business. We combine machine learning technology with subject matter experts to identify and shield you from inappropriate content that could negatively affect your brand.

5. Conversational AI Services

We provide high-quality datasets to serve as training data for your chatbots and virtual assistants. Our robust data will also enable you to develop effective conversational solutions. With our services, your virtual assistants and chatbots can seamlessly interact and converse with humans.

Why Outsource Data Annotation Services from Synergy Resources?

We are a leading data annotation services company and can help you address a wide range of data annotation requirements. Some other benefits of choosing our services include -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

We provide our data annotation services in an efficient and economical manner, ensuring that you save a lot on costs when you outsource to us.

  • Tools and Technologies

We use the latest and best data annotation tools and techniques to ensure that you get the most cutting-edge data annotation services.

  • Data Security

Synergy guarantee that your data is safe and secure with us as well as confidential.

  • High-quality Services

Our robust QA processes ensure that you always receive the highest quality data annotation services when you outsource to us.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

We are a leading data annotation service providing company and will always deliver our services on time since we take deadlines extremely seriously.

  • Robust Processes

Our streamlined and structured data annotation processes ensure that all the services we provide are of the highest quality.

  • Expert Team

Our team has experience in providing a range of high-quality data products to a diverse and global clientele.

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