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Data mining services

Data mining services

Synergy Resource Management is a customer-focused company. We ensure that your work is being handled correctly, our supporting staff gives their 100 percent for the services they have promised to render. Our services include data mining and warehousing, descriptive data mining, and predictive data mining, among others.

Data mining services

Our Data Mining Services

SRM is a full-service data mining company. We handle projects both large and small, with the help of competent staff. Our data mining consulting services include -

1. Web Data Mining Services

As part of our data mining and data analysis, we take data from around the internet based on your specific needs for both public and private businesses, of all shapes and sizes.

2. Social Media Data Processing and Mining

Through data collected from social media, we can help you uncover information that is valuable to your business, including the promotion of new products and services, evaluating your competitors, spotting trends, and much more.

3. SQL Data Processing and Mining

We can use our advanced tools to comb the web for the virtually unlimited amount of information currently available on the internet. Our SQL data mining services are capable of creating massive databases of information for modelling.

4. Image Data Processing and Mining

With our business data mining services, we perform large and small-scale image retrieval services from large datasets viewed over the internet and prepare them for analysis and study.

5. Excel Data Processing and Mining

We can create or take any existing Excel database, prepare it, and apply a variety of models and formulas.

6. Word Data Processing and Mining

We have the capabilities to extract and analyze data from large volumes of text contained in databases, in Microsoft Word, or printed material.

7. PDF Data Processing and Mining

Using in-house technology, we'll use a host of macros and algorithms to extract information that will help you meet the client's objectives.

8. Open-Source Data Extraction

For clients that prefer open-source software, we can utilize any open-source software that you choose, and adapt it to your specific requirements.

Why Outsource Data Mining Services to Synergy Resource Management ?

The benefits of working with us include -

  • Full-Service Data Resources

Our team uses only the most technologically advanced resources and tools for its data mining process.

  • Swift Turnaround

Our turnaround time is one of the best in the industry. Our largest projects are completed often within one month or less, and smaller projects may be completed within less than 24 hours.

  • Complete Data Security

Your trust is our top concern, and we’ve put into place a variety of systems to keep all of your information safe.

  •  Quality Controls

We also make sure that you’re receiving the highest quality product available.

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