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E-learning Training

E-learning Training Services

Organizations constantly have to deal with helping their new recruits adapt and learn the day-to-day operations of the workplace, that vary from one workplace to another. One of the key challenges of every new recruitment is that most of the new recruits are fresh graduates. Hence corporate training solutions have become essential and their demand is on the rise. Synergy Resources has kept all of these aspects in mind and we have created corporate e-learning services that can effectively train your employees.

Our corporate training solutions are tailored to match up to the practical needs of your work. We curate competitively priced, well-designed and highly interactive training solutions that engage your audience completely. Our method behind designing a course for you involves researching your target audience, analysing behavioural patterns and aptitudes of our learners. Our well experienced instructional team only then designs an efficient set of corporate training solutions for you.

E-learning Training Services

e-Learning Services We Offer

Our team of researchers and instructional designers can design informative, practical and simple modules for your organization to use effectively. Our think tank involves a planned-out course for making a module that works for your organization in a way that makes you content.

Here are some of the types of modules we make for you.

1.      Performance-Based Training Modules
2.      Change Accommodation Modules
3.      EPSS or Electronic Performance Support Systems
4.      Performance Gap Analysis
5.      Online Training

Why Choose Us for e-Learning Services?

1. We provide our clients with flexible pricing options which will suit their requirements and budget.
2. We provide our clients with round the clock support and all our teams are available 24/7 via phone or email to resolve any issues that you may have.
3. We will assign a dedicated project manager to every client who will be the single point of contact for all your needs.
4. We provide our clients with highly scalable services and the requirements can be scaled up as and when the client needs it.
5. We have access to the best infrastructure in terms of the latest tools and technologies and international-standard office spaces.

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