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E-pub Services

E-pub Services

Has your publishing house or university leveraged the advantages of ePUB services? Through ePUB conversions, you can convert any source format (PDF, MS Word, XML, HTML, Quark, RTF, InDesign or 3B2) into a digital eBook/publication which can be easily read on any electronic device with a compatible reading application. Since ePUB is a standard and open format, it can also offer your business with interoperability between your software and hardware.
Synergy Resources Management is a reputed service provider offering electronic publication services for over a decade to writers, universities, libraries, and publishers across the globe. Whether it’s Book to ePub Conversion, Book to eBook Conversion, or any kind of ePub Conversion, we have the capability, skill set, and the infrastructure to meet varied client requirements. We are pioneers when it comes to digitizing the printed material and converting it into different eBook formats, and offer comprehensive formatting conversion services (front-to-back) for all kinds of eBook publishers.

E-pub Services

Our Key Service Offerings

  1. Epub Conversion Services
  2. Kindle Conversion Services
  3. Comprehensive Digital Services
  4. Ebook Conversion Services
  5. Ipad & Iphone Conversion Services
  6. Enhanced Ebook Conversion Services
  7. Multilingual Ebook Conversion Services
  8. Web-accessible Ebook Development
  9. Interactive Ebook Conversion Services
  10. Reflowable Ebook Conversion Services
  11. Fixed Layout Epub Conversion Services.

Input Formats We Work On

We offer digitization of almost all types of input formats, including:

  • InDesign
  • Manuscript
  • MS Word
  • PageMaker Image
  • PDF
  • Print Copies/ Hard Copies
  • Quark
  • Scanned Copies
  • Text and more

Stage ePub Process

Our ePub conversion process happens in three simple steps that ensures maximum accuracy and on-time delivery:

1. Client sends us the files to convert into ePub by uploading it on our secure FTP site or via encrypted email

2. Our experts manually conduct the ePub conversions such as, html to PDF or mobi to ePub. This ensures exact formatting and zero errors

3. The completed ePub files are uploaded to on the secure FTP site or emailed to the client.

Benefits of Outsourcing ePub Services to Synergy Resource Management

Hiring SRM for your ePub requirements assures that your electronic publication is s flawless product. There are many advantages of outsourcing your ePub solutions to us, here are few:

  • Experience and expertise: We have experience in outsourcing and have successfully completed a host of ePub conversions for libraries, publishing houses, corporations, universities and multinational companies across the world. Our vast experience has given us the capability to expertly handle complex and large volume ePub projects
  • Accuracy: With automated ePub conversion tools, you cannot achieve accuracy and quality. Our skilled ePub conversion experts can ensure that every heading, table, graph or footnote is accurately converted and formatted.
  • Interactive and media-rich content: Through the use of external and internal linking, our ePub services ensure that your content is not only interactive and rich in media, but also meets the validation standards set by Apple’s iBookstore.
  • Capability across file conversions: Get quick conversion to the ePub format from any source – be it HTML, WORD, PDF, Indesign, Quark or RTF amongst others. With our ePub services, your files will be ready for distribution, along with a print-ready PDF version.
  • Flexibility: At Synergy, we can provide you with customized and flexible services that match your ePub requirements
  • Value-add ePub services: We offer several value-add ePub conversion services that enable you to embed video/audio files, create flexible cover pages to fit the size of the eBook and develop searchable text files / table of contents.

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