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Recruitment & Staffing

Recruitment and Staffing Services

Finding Right Person for the Right Job Is Not As Easy As It Seems

Whether big or small, national or multinational, there is one thing that remains common across all companies that succeed and make a mark in the global arena. It’s the presence of capable and hardworking professionals who are specialized in their jobs, and perform their duty with utmost honesty.
Finding the best talent for your organization is critical. The right people in your business will increase revenue, provide innovation, thought leadership, and direction. They will enhance your organization’s culture, motivate other team members, and be the face to your existing and potential clients in whatever role they take.
It’s not a rocket science to know what kind of employees an employer wants. What’s challenging is actually finding the right people with appropriate skills and desire to work out of millions of contenders.

Recruitment and Staffing Services

Human Resources Management Takes Time & Effort

Companies don't hire people just to lose them in due time, as it would mean wasting all the time that went into training that person on the job. Additionally, hiring someone unsuitable for the job leads to quality depreciation and loss of credibility and money for a company in the longer run.

As company's day-to-day operations depend on the employees' performance; corporate recruitment has become a well-thought process that focuses on long-term approach to extract best services out of future employees. It also works on measures to make the job opportunities attractive for the employees and retain them in the longer run.

However, dedicated recruitment and hiring staff is needed to do all that is mentioned above. Additionally, it needs infrastructural setup, time, money and lot of efforts to make it function the way you imagine it.

Outsourcing Recruitment Services is the Most Appropriate Option

Higher work-efficiency and cost reduction is the primary driving force for companies to tide towards recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), but it's not the only consideration. It certainly saves administrative hassles, time, and money, but it also provides you with well-scrutinized candidates after several levels of screenings that is sometimes not possible when you conduct the recruitment drives in-house. All you need to do is find a trust-worthy and reliable outsourcing partner who can take care of all your needs.

Our Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment Process guarantees that you get the best employees, as our sourcing techniques focus even on passive candidates (who aren't currently looking for a job change but are ideal match for your requirements). We don't just post advertisements and wait for a response - we proactively search the market and find candidates who best fit your role. Your dependency on using high-cost recruitment agencies is gone when you work with us.

  • Definition of Parameters – Confirmation of your exact and complete requirements and establish the profile of candidates to be considered
  • Sourcing is done through one of the following methodologies:
    • Synergy Sourcing Team
    • Networking and Referrals
    • Extensive Talent Bank (Database) of candidate information captured over a period of 12 years
    • To a lesser extent, we also use:
      • LinkedIn (Using our company’s premium account)
      • Public Job Boards (SEEK,, etc.)
      • Job Fairs
      • Conferences
  • Pre-qualification – We will screen and evaluate candidates through resume analysis, in-depth interviews, skill, and aptitude testing
  • Shortlisting and on-line transmittal of candidates to the Hiring manager
  • Interview Schedule – Team at Synergy will arrange for Interview with the local manager/s on a schedule most suitable to the client and reasonable for the candidates
  • Feedback – Once clients have provided feedback about each candidate, we will communicate back to the candidate on their advancement to the next stage or decline in candidature. This feedback is valuable to your recruitment team as it provides an up-to-date understanding of your needs and requirements to find the best match
  • Selection Process – We will assist you and the interview panel with a robust evaluation process for selection, after which we will be negotiate and close the selected candidate for hire
  • Contract Signing – We can assist in the preparation of Offer of Employment and the Employment Contract and discuss the benefits and policies of your company
  • Endorsement – Will give all the documents pertaining to the employee
  • Hand-over to HR – Once the Recruitment process is completed and successful selection is made, Synergy will then provide HR with all details pertaining to the new staff member.

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