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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring offers a number of important benefits to your company depending on your industry and the data you need to gather from your target audience.

When properly implemented it can allow you to better understand the current reach of your brand, the brand recall of your company in social settings, the cross sell and up sell opportunities within your market and in new or emerging markets, as well as the share of voice you hold and the voice of the customer and the impact it has on the development of that market.

SRM provide in-depth analysis of what the market is doing as it happens. Much faster, rawer and more detailed than any form of secondary qualitative or quantitative research on the subject, social media monitoring offers real world results from an open field of data that we can access on your behalf.

Social Media Monitoring

The Processes of Social Media Monitoring

Our social media monitoring services are done as part of a three part process. This process includes monitoring, analysis, and generation of insights and reports with which you can make decisions such as allocation of marketing budget and future development of new products and services.

  1. Monitoring: During the monitoring stage, we develop specific queries for mobile phones and social media interfaces and run them periodically to gather data, creating dashboards that capture and present data based on the buzz across a number of topics in your industry.
  2. Analysis: During the second stage, we develop a preliminary category model and start classifying and clustering the data gathered during stage one. From there, we can start auditing that data and tuning it to the specific sentiments of your audience.
  3. Generation of Insights and Reporting: In the final stage, we develop reports that highlight the effect that public buzz and sentiment within your market have on your business and that of your competitors as well as advanced analysis of what this data means.

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